ProcessIT Europe

Meeting challenges with ProcessIT Europe

Europe's process industry is continuously facing new challenges to maintain and increase its competitiveness in processing and refining our natural resources. Higher raw material yield, reduced energy usage, reduced  CO2 emission, higher product quality, better people safety and higher plant security. The obvious path to this is automation.

Knowledge intensive

Today's process industry is knowledge intensive and high tech and increasing competitiveness requires a successful management of all existing and future automation and ICT challenges.

Embedded systems

Most of these challenges will be supported by embedded system technology. Meeting these challenges thus forms a huge market potential for the automation industry. To exploit this potential new embedded system technology and services are needed. For the purpose ProcessIT Europe will be a project incubator for pre-competitive R&D projects moving the potential closer to reality.

Focus on automation

ProcessIT Europe focus is on manufacturing automation primarily for process industries.

ProcessIT Europe is formed by partners from end users, technology suppliers, academia and public authorities.

Photo above: iStockphoto