About ProcessIT Europe

ProcessIT Europe is forming a Center of Innovation Excellence, focusing manufacturing automation solutions primarily for the process industry in a number of European industry segments.

The selected industry segments are:

  • Pulp & paper
  • Metals
  • Mining & minerals
  • Oil & ga
  • Chemical
  • Energy & power
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food processing
  • Infrastructure

The automation business is large. In the EU report on the monitoring and control
the world market is claimed to be 187.9 B€. With a predicted growth rate
of 6.9%. Here the ProcessIT share is 26.3 B€ or 14.0 % of the market. Looking at the same figures for Europe we find the ProcessIT market share to be 16.3%. Thus indicating Europes leadership in this field.


ProcessIT Europe strategic idea 

Figure 1: The cooperation of technology suppliers, end users, academia and public authorities for the basic value building model for ProcessIT Europe.

The strategic idea guiding ProcessIT Europe is to accelerate growth and automation technology development through a process of project incubation, bringing together plant owners from the selected industry segments, solution providers focus on automation technologies, researchers from university and research organisations, and public authorities focused on development in the selected industries.

The centre is thus built on a quadruple helix model comprising end users (plant owners), technology suppliers (in automation technology), research groups, and public authorities. This model is captured in figure 1.

As a project incubator, ProcessIT Europe is innovation driven, oriented towards the identifying and implementing project activities focused on new competitive automation technology. The centre is based on four different, mutually reinforcing value propositions:

1. Accelerate growth and technology development in Europe through increase of competitiveness in related industries and research organisations.

2. Strengthen the competitiveness of the process industries through innovations in automation technology.

3. Strengthen the automation technology suppliers through incubation and implementation of strong R&D projects innovating and developing globally competitive automation solutions.

4. Support the European automation research community to further develop worldclass research by giving them access to highly challenging industry contexts and involvement in leading innovation projects.

Related to each group of stakeholders the value propositions of ProcessIT Europe means the following:

End users

To end users - plant owners, the technology suppliers offer competitive solutions and long-term solution responsibility. The research groups offer state-of-the-art knowledge and insights valuable to innovative solutions.
End users values are: Finding and coordinating automation needs with other end users and technology suppliers that strongly influence future technology development that lead to increased efficiency in processes like production, maintenance, logistics, training and engineering.

Technology suppliers

To technology suppliers, plant owners o_er important industry context, and constitute potential joint ventures and potential customers. The research groups offer knowledge support and assistance in developing innovative solutions to identified problems.
Technology suppliers values are: Close contact to end users needs, reference installation customers and a network of academic research. Bringing plans and technology to the table will strongly inuence project investments for new competitive products and services in system areas like measurement, monitoring, control, interaction and communication.

Research organisations

To research organisations, plant owners offer access to challenging industrial contexts, and technology suppliers' means partners interested in the innovation and commercialization of research findings.
Research organisations values are: Close contact to industrial needs both from end users and suppliers. Bringing both basic science and technology competence to the table will strengthening research focus and dissemination capabilities.

Public authorities

To public authorities, the outcome related to each group of stakeholders above means growth, and the relations to the centre means opportunities to influence a well recognized development area of Europe and the regions of their own. Public authorities will also have an early understanding of industrial development directions and investment plans. Thus enabling a focused coordination of public actions related to the industrial needs.

Geographical region

From a geographical region point of view an initial focus will be found in the Nordic
countries with extensions to Germany, Poland, Austria and UK with a future inclusion of France and Benelux countries.


Process IT Europe has a major focus on manufacturing automation for selected industries. Automations is to a very large extent based om embedded system technologies and thus relies on its continous development set fort in the Artemis SRA.

ProcessIT Europe is formed by partners from end users, technology suppliers, academia and public authorities. The ProcessIT Europe cooperation should be based on an open innovation strategy
with the following key elements:

  • Need finding based on trust among partner
  • Supporting the further development of academic excellence
  • Development of a joint technology road map and strategies therefore
  • Project incubation based on need finding and road map
  • Project consortia formation supporting the formation of business and competence infrastructure (end users, large neterprices, SME:s, academia and public authorities)
  • Maintain and develop the European leadership in ProcessIT
  • Supporting a sustainable society growth

IPR should be handled on a project per project basis. The intention is that it should
follow the guidelines set forth by the european comission in FP7.