Jerker Delsing

Europe's biggest research project for automation in the process industry


The Arrowhead project is Europe's biggest research project for automation in the process industry and is designed to improve communication between embedded automation systems. Its budget stands at EUR 68 million, with the involvement of around 80 partners from across Europe.


Jerker Delsing (picture above), Professor at Luleå University of Technology and board member of ProcessIT Innovations, has been appointed coordinator for Arrowhead.


 “It is of great significance for Luleå University of Technology and for the region that we get to take the lead in what is one of Europe's biggest research and innovation projects,” says Professor Jerker Delsing.


“Arrowhead is significant for ProcessIT Innovations as well, because there is a clear focus on process automation and several problems from the mining industry are included in the work,” says Jerker Delsing.


The overall goal of Arrowhead is to increase European competitiveness in automation for the manufacturing, energy and process industries. Arrowhead's research results will therefore be taken on display by a number of demonstrators, not only in Europe but also in the rest of the world.


The challenge of the research project is to get different service methods to interact in such a way that they function with each other, which is known as Service-Based Architecture. This means, for example, that when a built-in sensor in the ball bearing on a railway-carriage itself gives a warning that it is about to fail, it will be able to communicate this to the entire chain, not only to the engine driver and the Swedish Transport Administration – but also directly to the supplier of a new ball bearing. This requires new and harmonised technology.


“At Luleå University of Technology, we have previously examined parts of these research problems, partly in collaboration with Schneider, SAP, Honeywell, Siemens, ABB, to name a few. Now we have the opportunity to lead a project that concentrates on processing the problems on a much broader and deeper level,” says Jerker Delsing.


The project will run for four years, and the budget of EUR 68 million means that the project will be the second largest European research project in its field.


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