The Arrowhead Project Continues Successfully


The Arrowhead project, which started 2 years ago, recently passed its 3rd review with "Excellent" as the review result. The project, which comprises 78 partners from 16 countries and has a total budget of 68 M Euros, is in the process of finalizing the Arrowhead Framework generation 2. After properly having tested the framework in pilots, the framework will later this year be released as an open-source software.
Looking forward, the ProcessIT.EU network and Arrowhead are working on a new project proposal, Arrowhead Collaborative Automation Platform, in order to develop the framework further by adding another platform layer, enabling advanced orchestration of service collaboration and collaborative control/monitoring, which will be tested and verified in a number of industrial pilots.
Regarding outreach activities, Arrowhead will participate and show-case at the ICT2015 event in Lisbon during October and show-case at the Embedded Conference Scandinavia, 3-4th of November, in Stockholm. Further, the project will provide key note speakers for the Tenth International Conference on Internet and Web Applications and Services, ICIW 2015, 23rd of June, in Brussels, the IEEE Emerging Technology Factory Automation Conference, 10th of September, in Luxemburg, and the International Forum of IoT and Applications, 26th of November, in Wuhan China.
Thus, the Arrowhead project moves on and has a number of interesting activities lined up during 2015.